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What is

• is a website which provides an online marketplace ("website") where registered suppliers ("reseller/wholesaler") can offer to sell their products to registered users of Application including to resellers ("Resellers") and other Users.
•’s role is limited to the managing website and associated marketing, facilitating payment collections, fulfilment, order management (excluding shipping), enquiry management and other incidental services to enable the transactions between the Suppliers and the Reseller ("Services").

Designed specifically for business owners and retailers like you, our easy-to-use platform
With our vast wholesale and retail business online marketplace, you can easily grow your business fast!
At Wholesale & Retail, we believe in making your business easier, more convenient and more stable with quality products. With our benefits, we ensure that you get the best out of your wholesale and retail online shopping experience.
With Wholesale & Retail Online, get best margin on a wide range of products. Increase your profits and grow your business faster with our low prices.
With our Smart Selection feature, find out what sells best in your area. You can easily understand what customers are buying in your area so that you can stock your shop accordingly. Manage your inventory and keep your customers happy with ease.

 promotes business in local area to close the distance between seller and buyer. Shipping of products can be done at convenience of seller and buyer without any evolvement of

To start selling your product on you first need to list it on You can provide your product information such as the product category, brand name, product features and specifications, product images, and price. All these details are available to your customer to help them purchase your product.

Product category

• Automotive & Safety Accessories
• Baby Products
• Food & Grocery products
• Health, Hygiene & Medicine
• Kitchen Products
• Pet Products
• Protected Brands
• Toys
• Other categories

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